My Story


Hi, I’m Drew. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina — home for me since the early 80’s — I’m an early millennial, and my upbringing has molded who I’ve become. My mom, a single-parent and a true badass, raised my two sisters and I on a shoestring budget along with the help of some amazing family.

Growing up with less than many of those around me was tough, but it formed the strong, passionate, hard working, and entrepreneurial person I’ve become. It helped me learn a lot about the value of hard work, the pride of seeing the results of your efforts, and how to be creative and scrappy to get the job done when necessary.

Cars have always been one of my greatest interests. As a child, I was constantly drawing or playing with cars. They’re where I find my zen; whether that means going for a drive, watching an F1 race, installing an upgrade, or dreaming up my next car purchase.

A few years ago I made a lot of changes. I’d been working 80+ hours a week in a high stress job and I found myself approaching 300 lbs with lots of health concerns. I quit that job, made a career shift, and hired a friend who’s a personal trainer. He started laying the groundwork for my path to a healthier life, and I love it.

In case you wondered, I saved the best for last. Just before my 30th birthday, Lauren and I went on our first date. I knew right away that we were a match. She’s made me a stronger and more confident person and brought so much happiness into my life. We got married on September 15, 2018, took a fantastic honeymoon to Italy, and look forward to all of life’s travels coming our way in the future.

I believe everything that happens in life is there to shape and strengthen you for continual growth and improvement. I’m always looking forward and excited about what life’s next big adventure will be. Thanks for visiting and learning my story.